Throughout the course of their 12-year existence, Lake Trout has consistently defied genres within the music industry. The Baltimore five-piece has displayed a unique, multi-dimensional blend of rock, creating ambient soundscapes over ferocious rhythms that channel psychedelia, industrial and modern indie rock.

Reinventing their sound from record-to-record has been the calling card of this group of diversely influenced musicians. Lake Trout’s most recent album, Not Them, You, is their second record for Palm Pictures. The album, produced by Tony Doogan (Mogwai, the Delgados) and Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev), has garnered phenomenal reviews. Both London’s Guardian and Urb gave the CD 4 out of 5 stars, and Big Cheese called the album “near flawless.” The album is start-to-finish, a masterpiece of emotion and depth.

To fully grasp the ingenuity of this band you must see them live. Alchemists of mood and emotion, Lake Trout push the limits of both intensity and volume. According to The Village Voice, “the Baltimore collective are stunningly ferocious space-sculptors capable of realigning your polarities.” The Tripwire says “Watching them was like chewing on an extremely tasty piece of gum whose flavor regenerates itself in spurts and waves at random intervals.”

The band is absolutely confident on stage, and as the result of their widely heralded live performances, they’ve earned a diverse audience of loyalists. Lake Trout continues to attract a wide range of indie rockers, head bangers, math geeks and improv-junkies.

In past years, Lake Trout has toured with The Flaming Lips, Editors and the Pixies to name a few. Their influence in the music community has resonated within many genres, specifically inspiring songs like The Dismemberment Plan’s “Change” and The Flaming Lips “Pompeii.”